Sociology and Psychology


Mission,Vision & Objectives



Senior Lecturers:

Dr. Jamin R. Masinde, Doctor of Philosophy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India (2002), Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology, University of Nairobi (1989), Bachelor of Arts, (Sociology), University of Nairobi (1984)
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Eric Masese, PhD (Ethnologie/Anthropology) – Pau University –France (2011); M.A. in Sociology- University of Nairobi (2002, Bachelor of Arts(Sociology and Kiswahili)-Kenyatta University(1996)


Dr. Samuel R. Chessa, PhD (Sociology)- University of New Brunswick - Canada (1992), Master of Arts (Sociology)- University of Nairobi (1986), Bachelor of Arts (Sociology)-University of Nairobi (1981)

Dr. Kenneth Opi, Master of Arts(Counselling Psychology)United States International Universtiy (1993), Bachelor of Arts . University of Nairobi(1990)

Dr. Chege Kimani Gabriel, Doctor of Philosophy(in Education Psychology), Moi University, MPhil in Educational Psychology- Moi University(2007), MSc in clinical psychology-University of Allahabad(2004), Bachelor of Education (Arts)-Moi University(2002)

Ezekiel M. Mwenzwa, Master of Philosophy (Sociology)University of Nairobi(2005), BA (Social Work)University of Nairobi(1999)

Dr. Francis O. Barasa, D.Phil (Sociology) Moi University (ongoing), M.Phil (Sociology) Moi University (2007), BA(Sociology) University of Nairobi (1987)

Dr. Tecla Tum, Doctor of Philosophy (Social Work), Denver University USA(2006), Master of Philosophy(Human Ecology), Moi University(2000), Bachelor of Arts(Sociology) University of Nairobi (1987)

Assistant Lecturers:

Willice O. Abuya, Doctor of Philosophy-University of Port Hare, South Africa (ongoing), Master of Philosophy(Sociology)University of Nairobi (1999), Bachelor of Arts (Sociology& Anthropology) University of Nairobi(1990)

Paul C. Sutter, Doctor of Philosophy Moi University (ongoing), Master of Arts(sociology) University of Nairobi(1998), Bachelor of Arts (Sociology & Economic) Egerton University (1991)

Scholastic N. Adeli, Doctor of Philosophy Egerton University(ongoing), Master of Philosophy (Guidance and Counseling),Moi University (2008), Bachelor of Education, Kenyatta University(1988)

Tutorial Fellows:

Lydia K. Kemboi, Master of Philosophy in Social Work - Shivaji University India(2002), Bachelor of Arts (Sociology & Economics) Allahabad University India (1994)

Michael Chesire, D.Phil (Sociology) Moi University (ongoing), M.Phil(Environmental Studies) Moi University (2007), Bachelor of Arts(Sociology) Kenyatta University(1997)

Moses Mutua Mutiso, Doctor of Philosophy (Sociology) Moi University (ongoing), MA(Sociology) Moi University(2008), BA(Sociology) Moi University (2002)

Micah Kipchirchir, M.Ed (Guidance & Counselling) Egerton University (2008), B.Ed.(Education Arts) Moi University (1995)


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