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Moi University started off with one faculty with hardly 20 students. In the spirit of “widening access to higher education”, it now has 15 schools with over 25,000 students spread over 13 campuses. 

The latest of these being the Moi University Coast Campus (MUCC), Mombasa Which is located in the coastal region of Kenya in the city of Mombasa (formerly ELITE House) along Liwatoni Road off Moi Avenue

The Campus was started in December 2008 with 65 students in the School of Business and Economics, Human Resource Development, Information Sciences. The growth of two schools is currently ongoing they include School of Arts and Social Sciences and School of Education having being started. Student’s population now stands at 900 and this number is growing rapidly. The other 10 schools are yet to start their programmes in this Campus. 



Moi University, Nairobi Satellite Campus was launched on the 14th November 2005. Since its inception, the Campus has continued witnessing tremendous expansion characterized by an overall increase in registration of both undergraduates and post-graduates students and attendant infrastructure.The number of academic and non-academic staff has also increased significantly.


The Campus is strategically located in the Bazaar building Moi Avenue in the Central Business District of the city of Nairobi. In addition to Human Resources, Moi University has increased the material and financial resources exhibited by increased provision of modern teaching facilities and equipment including ICT and Library activities required for the competitive existing and planned academic programmes and appropriate management support activities

Due to increase in demand for education in the country, the facilities are reviewed from time to time to meet the demand. The University is currently working on additional academic space for sustainable educational development and production.


The Campus has continued to offer competitive undergraduate and postgraduate programmes that are increasingly becoming popular with the students. The campus offers about 40 academic programmes at diploma, bachelors, masters and doctoral distributed in the following schools.

  1. School of Business and economics
  2. School of Human Resource Development
  3. School of Information Sciences
  4. School of Public Health
  5. School of Arts and Social Sciences
  6. School of Education
  7. School of Biological and Applied Sciences


The total number of students now stands at 4,500. The campus has also attracted a significant number of international students. The number of students is projected to increase by about 50%, taking into account the current annual growth. The Campus has a total of about 200 staff of all levels of whom 60 are non-teaching staff.


The campus has active security and safety oriented personnel in every floor underutilization by Moi University. The management has recently introduced detective gadgets to enhance the safety and security of students, staff and customers to the campus.


In tandem with Moi University policy of inculcating leadership skills and peer counseling thereof, the campus has continued to enhance students democratic governance for the campus stability. The campus re-affirms that students being the core customers of the University must continue to enjoy unhindered avenue for expression and representation of the students’ welfare issues through MUSO.


The management, organization, and oversight of students’ clubs and societies are under the office of the Dean of Students. The responsibility of the Dean in consultation MUSO officials include advice on the appropriate modalities of formation and registration of clubs to allow them to operate freely and with palpable responsibility within the university. In this regard, the campus encourages students to join and be members of current and potential clubsthat can enhance both their academic and social welfare. Currently the registered clubs and societies fall under the following categories: academic, religious, recreational and environmental.

For more information please contact the Director, Moi University, Nairobi Campus



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