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The School of Information Sciences at Moi University was established in 1988 to meet the growing need for information related manpower in Kenya. Until its establishment, people aspiring to pursue programmes such as records management, archives management, library training, publishing and informatics had no option but to do it outside the country.

The problem with this arrangement was that an external programme was not only costly both to the individuals and the government or sponsor, but also totally irrelevant to the manpower needs of Kenya and much of the African region. Students who went overseas were trained on the environment prevalent in the developed west which was not similar to the situation in Kenya.
In view of the foregoing, it was felt by both the government and members of the information fraternity that the only way to address this need was to establish a local training facility. Moi University was chosen as the most ideal public institution to host this school. The school was mandated to provide high level training for people aspiring to pursue: Information technology; archives and records management; librarianship; publishing; and mass media.

Our Programmes




Diploma in Information Technology

a) Minimum Grade of C- at KCSE with a D+ (Plus) in mathematics and English/Kiswahili OR
b) O level certificate with mean grade of division III OR
c) A Level qualification with minimum of 1P or 3 Sub with at least a D+ in KCSE
d) Certificate in any information related courses..
e) Certificate in any information related courses from KNEC

Duration Four Semesters

Diploma in Journalism and Mass Media (Two Semesters)

a) Minimum Grade of C- at KCSE with a C (Plain) in English OR
b)  KCE division III with Credit in English OR
c) O level Certificate in any information

Duration Two Semesters


Bachelor of Science (Information Sciences)
The BSc Information Sciences programme is a broad-based course which recognizes that the information professions of today are drawing closer together. The techniques and tools of information provision and Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) are becoming common ground between librarians, information technologists, records managers, archivists, and publishers.

Admission requirements to first year
1. Minimum Grade of C+ at KCSE with a C (plain) in mathematics and English/Kiswahili.  OR
2. Two years KNEC Diploma pass in information related field.
3. IMIS Diploma holders.
Admission requirement to second year
1. Two years KNEC Diploma with credit and distinction in any information related field. OR
2. Two year Kenya polytechnic diploma OR
3. Three year KIMC Diploma OR
4. At least 2 Principal passes at A level with credit in English/Kiswahili and mathematics at O level OR
5. IMIS Higher Diploma OR
(HND Holders will be admitted in third year. Such candidates must have obtained credit or distinction




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