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1. Do you offer architectural course? NO

2. I would like I like to take a pharmacy course? Currently we do not offer the course

3. Where can I get application forms?   Moi University website, respective schools, Moi University Machine rooms, Main Campus, Admissions office, Administrative block, Rm No. 135

4. Can I have a brochure showing course offer in MoiAdmissions office, Administrative block, Rm No. 135

5. How can I defer myBy filling deferment forms from the Dean of Students office, Students Centre.

6. I received my admission letter later, I don’t know what to do. You need to defer until the next academicYou will be required to apply for a re-admission before getting to class.

7. How can I get my admission letter? Letters for Government sponsored students are posted to their respective addresses by admissions office while Private sponsored students letters are prepared by the respective schools and posted by administrators.

8. What is entry requirement criteria for?:

a)School of Aerospace and sciences.

Answer, Must have a mean grade of C+ at KCSE or Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education with principals 2(p) and subsidiary .maths, physics and geography & chemistry. Fees 1million


b) School of Arts and Social Sciences


Undergraduate programs .entry requirement C+ (plus) at KCSE or Diploma from a recognized accredited institution or KNEC.


c)School of Medicine/Nursing/Public health.


Entry requirement and fees

Answer Med fee KSHS 400,000 per year.


Requirements; Mean grade of A- KCSE in Biology and Chemistry and math’s either or physics(Med) cluster 45 points.


Nursing B+ in Biology and Chemistry and cluster of 40points, fees200,000


School of Public Health


Minimum requirement B  at K.C.S.E and cluster points of 38points


     K.C.S.E mean grade of C+ or an ordinary diploma in related field from recognized institution            i.e. CPA/CPS or HND


d) School Of Education 


KCSE MEAN GRADE c+ or Diploma holder in education from accredited institution.  


9. How Do I get to know about admissions criteria for Privately sponsored students programs?


 -Through respective programs through Website of Moi University, newspapers etc.


-Duly filed Application forms accompanied by  evidence of requisite application fee, cleared and sorted by the school. After consideration of successful candidate, Admission letters then sent.


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