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Philosophy and Core Values

Putting knowledge to work is the University’s guiding philosophy. At Moi University, the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge are synergistically balanced. The University is driven by the process of involvement - involvement in world affairs; in the needs of individuals and their communities, businesses, industries, and governments; in the nurturing of inquisitive minds; in the transfer of ideas from the campus to the market- place; and involvement in societal problems in our country and beyond. The creation of new knowledge that will benefit society is at the heart of the University’s mission. The distinction between basic and applied research has become more blurred as the processes of discovery, scientific inquiry and scholarship inform all aspects of the educational enterprise at Moi University.

Core Values
Promotion and defense of intellectual and academic freedom, scholarship and relentless search for truth.
1. Fostering teamwork, innovation, networking, tolerance, and a culture of peace.
2. Embracing excellence, transparency & accountability.
3. Practicing professionalism, meritocracy, equality, integrity and social justice.
4. Maintaining self-respect, discipline, responsibility, institutional loyalty, national patriotism & international competitiveness.
5. Continual improvement of services in order to remain competitive and relevant

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