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Strategic Leadership Development Centre

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Vision of the Centre

To be the Centre of choice in nurturing strategic leadership, enterprise and innovative solutions.


Mission of the Centre

To develop strategic leaders, generate knowledge and nurture entrepreneurship through innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches for enhancement of quality of living.



The Objectives of the Centre
The objectives of the centre are to:

  1. Strengthen strategic leadership capacity in the public and private sector
  2. Build and develop the capacity of entrepreneurs
  3. Provide technical support in research and consultancy services


Coordination of the Centre

  1. The School of Business and Economics shall be the coordinating School
  2. The Patron in consultation with the SBE Management Board shall be responsible for appointing the Centre Leader (CEO)


Rationale of the Centre
The need for establishment of Strategic Leadership Training Centre is borne from the need for strategic leadership training across institutions, organizations, Governmental and Non-Governmental sectors locally, nationally, regionally, and internationally. The rationale is thus categorized into three:
1. Governance, Strategic Leadership and Management training
2. Enterprise development programs
3. Research and consultancy services.


organization structure

           The Strategic Leadership Development Centre Organizational Structure

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