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Privately Sponsored Students Programme

Privately Sponsored Students Programme (PSSP) was launched in October 1998. It is an educational service by Moi University  through  which  any  Kenyan  is  able  to  pursue  university  education  at  an  affordable  rate  compared  to  the  cost  of  similar  studies  abroad. The programme  aims  at  providing  opportunities  to  secondary  school graduates who obtain a minimum grade of C+ at the  Kenya Certificate of Secondary School (KCSE) but are not admitted by the Kenya Universities and Colleges  Central  Placement  Services  because  of  the  limited capacities into public universities. The attendant effect of this is that only about 10, 000 students are offered admission while many other members of the public who would like to further their education have been given an opportunity through this programme. The programme provides many opportunities to thousands of Kenyans to study locally thus enabling the country save a lot of money in foreign currency to foreign universities.

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