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Vice – Chancellor opens renovated hostels

hostel opening 
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Prof. Issac Sanga Kosgey, the Vice - Chancellor on Monday January 21, 2019 presided over the opening of the renovated state of art hostel H now christened Hostel Prof. Shallemiah Okoth Keya at the Main Campus. The hostel was renamed in honor of Prof. Shellamiah Okoth Keya who served as Moi University second Vice - Chancellor and who now serves as Dedan Kimathi University Chancellor. The Vice- Chancellor, flanked by the Members within the top echelons of University, lauded the feat that the erstwhile Vice - Chancellor achieved during his tenure as the Vice - Chancellor and termed it remarkable.

Thanking the stakeholders involved, the Vice – Chancellor said the University was on course to redeem it lost glory and eliminate the 'disease' of accommodation that has been a thorn in the flesh for the University Administration. He averred that the plans to renovate the other hostels to the modern habitable standard were afoot. "From here, we are moving to renovate Hostel J at an approximate cost of 35 million, for the next three or four months". On the sticky issue of missing marks, the Vice- Chancellor assured comrades that it will die a natural death in the fullness of time but on the caveat that student attend classes and do their exams.

He emphasized on the 'culture of repair and maintenance' and asked the workers to work on small and sundry repairs to mitigate them from morphing into rickety and deplorable conditions. He said the University is in collaboration with multi -agencies to facilitate the revival of School of Aerospace Sciences. On his part, the Deputy Vice- Chancellor (Students Affairs) Prof. Nathan Ogechi commended the Moi University Council for improving the welfare of the students adding that the Administration was committed to expunge the endemic norm of "spending six years for a degree program meant for four years". He read the riot act to the irresponsive students who are adamant in protecting University property.

The magnificent Hostel with a visually appealing facade will change the face of Moi University with a bed capacity of 768 bed spaces and a common room where comrades can exchange information and ideas. The University is on course of re-lighting its dimming infrastructural stars. An in-attendance, Prof. Mike Boit, a former gold medalist at 1975 Olympics, said he was working with the University to promote sports talents and improve the sporting activities within the vicinity of the University.


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