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Moi University to host 13TH International Society of Oral Literatures in Africa (ISOLA) 2020 Conference

final ISOLA POSTER FINALConference Theme: “Transitions, Transformations, and Translocations in African Oral Traditions and (Re) Imagined Boundaries”


ISOLA is an international, multicultural, multilingual scholarly organization, dedicated to the study, promotion, conservation and diffusion of the rich oral traditions of Global Africa, comprising the continent and its Diasporas all over the world. The Society draws its international membership from experts and students involved in the exploration of the rich and vibrant oral traditions of Africa and of the African Diaspora.


ISOLA is an international association that hosts biannual conference which brings together researchers in African Oral Literature, Linguistics, Cultural, Anthropological and Communication disciplines. Moi University in collaboration with Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) has won the bid to host the 13th International Society of Oral Literature in Africa (ISOLA) Conference in July 2020. Dr. Rose Opondo from the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Moi University is the convener of 13th ISOLA 2020 Conference to be hosted by Moi University.


1. FILLM (Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures)
2. CEHLTO (The Center for Linguistic and Historical Studies by Oral Tradition -AU)


1. Translocations and melting boundaries: cross-ethnic, cross-regional, and cross-continental translocations of African oral traditions;
2. Reconstructions of identities, marginalized identities and re-imagined cultural boundaries through oral traditions;
3. Transformations, distortions, and deflections in oral traditions: the role of African and other languages in the production of oral arts; contemporary African writing and African oral traditions and the influences of Asian, European and Arab oral cultures on traditional African orality;
4. Oral memories and preservation of cultural boundaries: digital and physical archives and museums, shrines and ritual spaces, orators, curators, and oral historians;
5. Transitions in adaptations and metamorphoses in performance of African oral traditions
6. Gender re-orientations in African oral arts;
7. African oral arts and spaces for children in the 21st century;
8. African oral arts and the unity agenda;
9. Theorizing African oral arts: 21st century: thoughts and approaches to African oral traditions;
10. Contemporary fieldwork and research methodology in African oral traditions.


1. 1st Conference: University of London, UK (1991)
2. 2nd Conference: Cape Town, South Africa (1993)
3. 3rd Conference: Legon, Ghana (1995)
4. 4th Conference: Cape Town, SA (1998)
5. 5th Conference: Banjul, Gambia (2004)
6. 6th Conference: Trinidad and Tobago (2006)
7. 7th Conference:…… (2008)
8. 8th Conference: University of Nairobi (Leisure Lodge, Diani, South Coast), Kenya (2010)
9. 9th Conference: University of Venda, SA (2012)
10. 10th Conference: University of Cocody, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire (2014)
11. 11th Conference: University of Florida, Florida, USA (2016)
12. 12th Conference: University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria (2018)
13. 13th Conference: Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya (Venue-KICC, Nairobi), (2020)


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