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Confucius Institute at Moi University celebrates the Spring Festival

chinese happy new year cimu moi universityConfucius Institute at Moi University held a Happy New Year’s Eve to welcome the Spring Festival and a Chinese cooking demonstration, at 11:00 am on January 21, 2023. The cooking class was attended by more than sixty (60) Students. The event was hosted by Associate Professor Wei Qunshan, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute. During his address Prof. Wei Qunshan specifically mentioned that the Spring Festival in China is the beginning of the new season and the most important event in China. An important festival where all the family members get together no matter how far away they are. He further added Confucius Institute and Moi University Staff and students celebrated the Spring Festival together, symbolic of a real family. In the blend of online and offline cultural lectures, Kate, a native teacher of the Confucius Institute, gave a comprehensive introduction to the origin and customs of the Chinese Spring Festival, which for the first time, made all teachers and students understand that the Chinese lunar calendar is related to the cycle of the moon and solar terms. What followed was game of chopsticks holding peanuts that brought bursts of laughter to the audience. The students experienced the use of chopsticks for the first time, but there are often was “unique secret skills" appearing, which brought a different style to the game. But what was unexpected is that the dean, professor and staff group who played a guest role scored first. Someone at the scene explained "Because they have been to China".
They then proceeded with a demonstration of Chinese cooking where the audience was taught how to cook a dish "stir-fried potato shreds" which is most commonly eaten at various festivals in China, incluing the Spring Festival. From washing, peeling, cutting, soaking, heating the pot, oiling, stir-frying, and using seasonings such as ginger, garlic, chili, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. were introduced and demonstrated in detail.
Prof. Wei Qunshan also showcased his special skills in Chinese cooking, from "blind knife shredding" (where you don't need to look at the hand and the knife while quickly shredding) to "burning the pot with flame" and "turning the pot with one hand". The teachers and students at the scene were surprised, and the activity ended successfully amid the exclamation and cheers of Moi University staff and students. Prof. Jacqueline Korir, Dean of the School for Tourism Hospitality and Events Management promised to continue working with the CI to deepen cooperation with the Confucius Institute in the future, such as providing Hotel Management Chinese cooking classes, etc.
Dr. Rita Nthiga, Head of the Hospitality Department of the College and the Faculty Dr. Wendy, my contact person, mentioned that she finally understood why more students learn Chinese and their grades are better. , Sir Prof. Kiprop, Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration, Planning and Strategy) stated that indeed it was a cultural class full of interest, we are here today to learn one or two things, and will gained a lot! He thanked all the Staff and Students of the Confucius Institute and Moi University volunteers for their hard work in organizing this event. It was wonderful and unforgettable! At the same time, he thanked the International Chinese Education Foundation and Donghua University for their support. The consistent support and help of Moi University! The School of Tourism is the earliest and the first school to offer Chinese as a sub-course. I hope to take this opportunity to further deepen the cooperation and exchanges with the Confucius Institute and continue to make a contribution to Moi University and even the whole of Kenya. During the luncheon after the event, Sir Prof. Kiprop, the Confucius Institute, the School of Information Sciences, and the School of Engineering had a lively discussion on further expanding enrollment and other related cooperation in the two schools and the main campus, and reached a series of consensus.
Others present during the event were among others: Prof. Mary Wahome, Local Director of the Confucius Institute, Dr. Abraham K. Mulwo, Dean of the School of Information Sciences, also present representatives from the School of Engineering and Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management.


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