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Astellas Foundation leadership, Japan, courtesy call at the School of Medicine

med japanWe were honored to host the Astellas Foundation leadership, Japan, for a courtesy call at the School of Medicine on Monday 20th March 2023. Astellas has done an incredible job in the development of the Nawiri Rehabilitation Centre at MTRH Mental Health Directorate. In the School of Medicine, we are exploring their support in Clinical Fellowship programmes in Mental Health, and in Mental Health in Community Based Education and Service. Thank you, Prof. Lino Shingo, Vice President of Sustainability; Angelique Lewis, Senior Director, Access to Health, Sustainability; Dr. Matthew Turrissini, Indiana University; and Dr. Edith Kwobah, Director of Mental Health MTRH. We appreciate your time for this courtesy call. We will follow up on our discussion points.



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