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ACEII PTRE short course on programme and curriculum development

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Participants pose for a group photo

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Africa Center of Excellence in Phytochemicals, Textiles and Renewable Energy (ACII PTRE) held its first short course training on programme development and curriculum development, Monday 11th June 2018. The training was officially opened by Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Prof. Nathan Ogechi on behalf of Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac S. Kosgey.

This is a short professional course for University Lecturers meant to provide refresher knowledge to those who may not have specific pedagogical skills. It focuses on academic programme design, educational objectives and variety of content delivery techniques..

The course is expected to stimulate among the participants the desire to broaden their knowledge and skills of teaching. The short course seeks to enhance professional preparedness in programme preparation and pedagogy for the lecturers who may be acclaimed specialists in their areas of knowledge but have a sense of deficiency in transmitting knowledge. It is also designed to equip learners with knowledge, attitudes and skills which enhance effectiveness among beneficiaries.

The purpose of this short course is to develop learners' knowledge, attitudes and skills which enhance their effectiveness as University Lecturers. In addition, PDCD is designed to support university staff to effectively engage in their academic responsibilities. It takes cognizance of the fact that university staffs who participate will have a full range of responsibilities, including teaching, curriculum development work and research

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