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Moi University Student invents Social Chat App

Ally App 10

Stephen Kariuki, during the launch of the Social App at Moi University Center of Excellence auditorium,  on Thursday 2nd August 2018

Stephen Kariuki, a fourth-year Anthropology student in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, has invented a social chat app, ALLY, which allows one to interact with other people throughout the world in a more fun way.

Kariuki contends that ALLY is designed in a modern and friendly way.

“ALLY promises a new experience with more friendly uses in your social interaction, incorporating cool features such as unlimited video sharing, option to choose the quality of images to download, very cool user interface and ability for one to change font type as well as the colour of the font, among many other interesting diversified features.

He says he has developed the app for over three years of creative invention.

The app was launched on Thursday August 2, 2018 at Moi University main campus.

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